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Zetor Proxima

zetor proxima photoEngine: Zetor Proxima tractors are powered by their own range of Zetor engines, which meet the Tier III emission standards and feature their low operational costs and high reliability.

Transmission: The tractors are equipped with a standard fully synchronized gear box 10+2, which has been improved in the new models to have better ergonomic use of the stick shift and the PTO controls. Optional: Synchro shuttle gear box 12+12 Overdrive 20+4 Creeper 20+4 Front Drive Axel. The new model range of Proxima tractors has a new front axel Carraro 20.16 and a new bracket for the front ballasts. These, as a result, allow a 20 % higher loading capacity of the front drive axel Front Three-point Linkage and PTO (optional) Proxima tractors can have the optional three-point linkage and PTO (Zuidberg) The new implementation of the optional three-point linkage has a lifting capacity of 2300 kg

The front PTO has a wet disc clutch with electro-hydraulic controls Maximum output of the front PTO is 60 kW Tail pieces of the front PTO have 6 or 21 splined shafts as an option Engine Bonnet The tractors have a new engine bonnet design which can be opened upwards in a tilting fashion. This manoeuvre allows easier accessibility of the tractor engine during servicing and maintenance. Along with these features, the new engine bonnet brings new lighting and a higher number of headlamps as a part of the standard design as well as a part of the optional features.

Cab: The tractor cab has all of the main controls ergonomically placed with an analogue display that is easily legible. New elements of the cab: New roof Galvanised steps 150 l fuel tank capacity, optional New placement of the battery under the cab New interior enhancements: The right mudguard has an integrated cover for the hydraulic controls panel with a storage compartment, a 3-plug connector and a lighter New flooring – creates a higher noise reduction