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Performance You Can Take To The Bank

snowex tractor photoA penny saved is a penny earned. But how does saving up to 680,000 pennies--$6,800--per vehicle/per year sound for your operation? Well, that's what many contractors have done by switching to SnowEx spreaders. With it's patented auger drive stystem, SnowEx saves maintainence, material and manpower...which all adds up to save you money.

utility spreaderWireless & Utility Spreaders

Compact. Economical. Versatile. SnowEx utility spreaders are the lighter-duty winter maintenance solution for everyone from estate owners to property managers to professional contractors. The utility spreaders can be mounted to any vehicle such as utility vehicles, ATVs, cars, small pickups, etc., and offer the ideal complement to larger spreaders by being able to cater to more confined applications.


tailgate spreaderTailgate Spreaders

Compact. Precise. One-Person Installation. SnowEx tailgate spreaders cater to everyone from the private operator to commercial contractors and are ideal for maintaining driveways, recreational paths, parking lots and roads. They are available with a variety of sizes and mounts to fit most pickups, SUVs and utility vehicles.

pro spreaderPro Spreaders

Rugged. Effective. User Friendly. SnowEx Bulk Pro spreaders are ideal for contractors who maintain roads, parking lots and driveways. The tailgate models in the Pro line offer a simple and efficient patented 2-stage auger system, and are intended for use with pickups, utility vehicles and tractors.

max vV-Maxx Spreaders

Flexible. Consistent. Fleet Friendly. SnowEx’s replaceable tailgate spreader makes the most of available fleets by providing a cost-effective solution for year-round dump truck utilization. Adaptable to a wide range of equipment, the V-Maxx 2400 is ideal for municipalities and professional contractors.