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KIOTI specializes in the sales and service of quality compact tractors, UTV's, attachments, and implements. Since the first KIOTI compact tractor was introduced in the US in 1986, KIOTI has achieved rapid and on-going progress, aligning itself among the nation's compact tractor brand leaders.

KIOTI remains steadfastly committed to the advancement and growth of compact tractor technology, value and service.

Tractors: 4 Year Warranty


The CK Series

ckThe CK Series is loaded with features such as the industry's simplest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine. All CK series tractors feature suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement by providing more space.

Standard Features

Power and Performance
Daedong low-noise, 3-cylinder diesel engine, heavy duty hydrostatic or manual transmission, 6 forward/two reverse speeds, high/low range, differential lock, sturdy front, rear and mid PTOs, accurate 3-point hitch and high performance hydraulics. Delivers mid PTO speeds of 2000 rpm and rear PTO speeds of 540 rpm as well as a 1,109-pound lift capacity.

Hydrostatic Transmission - CK HST
Equipped with a heavy-duty HST drive unit for high horsepower handling and hands-free steering and implement control. HST provides single pedal controls traveling speed and direction and clutch-free forward and reverse movement.

Single Lever Joystick
Performs all loader functions with a single lever and automatically returns to neutral and stops loader with released. A float position allows the bucket free floatation over ground surface.

More Convenience
The CK HST offers user-friendly cruise control for long hours on the job. All CK models feature power steering, illuminated instrument panel and adjustable seating.

Simple Maintenance
Convenient removable engine panels and front hood allow easy access for daily service checks and maintenance.

The DK Series

rioti ck series tractorDK Series 35 hp to 90 hp high-performance compact tractors pack impressive power and smooth handling into one dependable workhorse. Fully-featured, comfortable, and ready for any job that demands a durable compact tractor.


Standard Features

For Rugged Performance
Powered by the proven, liquid-cooled, fuel efficient, 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder Daedong diesel engine. 4WD, differential lock, shuttle shift transmission, plus foot and hand accelerators provide maximum control. Sturdy front, rear or mid-mount PTOs deliver serious power to a wide range of implements and attachments.

ck For Added Convenience
Foldable ROPS for working around trees or entering enclosed areas. Adjustable 3-point hitch enables fast and simple attachment hook-up and accurate operation. Conveniently positioned controls and power steering for smooth operation. Removable engine panels let you check service points with ease.

Design for Comfort
Tilt-wheel steering and an adjustable seat lets you settle in for a comfortable ride. Flat deck, wide step-through area and grab handles allow you to step aboard and dismount with ease.

With Your Safety in Mind
Equipped with wet disc brakes, ROPS, seatbelt, headlights, safety lights and safety start switch for your protection. The standard rear work light allows you to see the attachment and drawbar during nighttime work.

Attractive Options
Dress up your tractor with a number of options such as agricultural tires (standard), turf tires, or industrial tires, front weights, and sun shades. An optional cab provides climate-controlled atmosphere for the operators comfort. Cab models feature radio/CD, air conditioning, windshield, wiper/washer, tip-up roof and door props for excellent ventilation.

The DS Series

dk seriesThe DS Series tractors are ready for any job that demands a durable tractor. An efficient engine, powerful lift capacity, convenient shuttle transmission, and sleek design make the DS series tractor a great value.


Standard Features

Power and Performance
Each model is powered by the durable Daedong 4-cylinder diesel engine along with 4WD and differential lock as standard.

dk 90 One Side Service
The smart one side service design lets you service the fuel filter, fuel system, engine oil filter, fill the oil and even change the air filter from the right side of the tractor. You can even check the engine oil level without opening the hood of the tractor!

For your Safety
For your protection, all DS series models are equipped with wet disc brakes, ROPS, seatbelt, headlights, safety lights and safety start switch.

Power Steering
The responsive power steering reduces operator fatigue.

dk Dependable Workhorse
While the front end loader has a lift capacity of 2,425 lbs, the category l three point hitch has the power to carry large implements such as brush cutters, mowers and box blades.

The RX Series

The RX Series tractors are ready to meet your demanding jobs, yet allow you to operate in the comfort of a cab.


Standard Features

Dependable Workhorse
Each model is equipped with "push button" engaged 4WD and differential lock. The rear PTO is also easily engaged with the simple push of a button.

Interior Comfort
The climate controlled cab keeps the operator comfortable in all working environments. The ergonomic and fully adjustable suspension seat allows the operator to ride comfortably.

Streamlined Hood Design
The hood design improves the operator's visibility and allows for convenient access for maintenance of the tractor.

Powerful Engine
The 59 HP Daedong turbo engine offers power that you need to complete your jobs.

Safety Features
All RX series models are equipped with wet disc brakes, adjustable seatbelt, headlights, safety lights and hydrostatic power steering



Mechron 2200 UTV

Whether you need a worker on the farm or a way into the woods, the KIOTI MECHRON 4x4 Utility Vehicle gets all your jobs done. With 4-wheel, fully independent, rear dual A-arm suspension and front MacPherson type syspension, the wide track offers increased stability and an exceptionally smooth ride on even rough terrain. The tight turning radius and rear anti-sway bar provides superb cornering and handling. Wherever work or play takes you, you'll have the ultimate 4-wheel drive performance.


Standard Features

The sleek design and automotive like finish of the MECHRON provides a strong and dynamic look.

Cargo Bed
With the widest cargo bed in its class and a 1,100 lbs load capacity, the MECHRON provides excellent payload capabilities. Add the optional hydraulic dump kit and you can easily place any load where you want it.

Rear Hitch Receiver
Featuring a 2 inch rear hitch receiver as standard, you can attach and pull trailers as well as implements that are receiver equipped.

Bench Seat
The contoured bench seat is the widest in its class and offers room for three comfortably. Three seat belts are standard for safety.

Standard Instrument Cluster
Speedometer in MPH (km/hr), hour meter, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, and turn signal indicators are standard.

Differential Lock
Limited slip differential on the front. Mechanically actuated differential for the rear. Combined with the standard four wheel drive of the MECHRON, these features allow you to pull heavy loads or handle the most rugged terrain.

Dash Board
A cockpit designed dash features ergonomically located controls and instruments that allow the driver to view critical functions at a glance.

Adjustable Rear Suspension
The adjustable Wishbone type suspension allows you to fine tune the MECHRON for the smoothest ride or the toughest jobs.

The MECHRON uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and has a time proven Daedong gear box with 2 speeds, (Hi/Lo) and 4WD.

Storage Compartments
There is an open dash storage area on the driver side and a closed dash storage area with a water proof lid on the passenger side.

Brake System
Long lasting front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with a mechanical parking brake provides excellent performance and enhanced safety.

The Daedong 22 HP diesel engine has been field proven for durability and dependability while offering improved fuel economy.

Brush Guard
The heavy duty steel brush guard offers protection for the headlights, radiator, and front differential from rocks, tough brush, and other debris on the trail. An Optional from mounted winch allows for greater versatility when it comes to tough jobs and difficult terrain.

Wheels and Tires
Larger 12-inch wheels and 25-inch tires provide a smooth ride and 12 inches of ground clearance. Three tire options are available including Heavy Duty worksite, Turf and ATV tires.



Front End Loaders

The KIOTI KL Series Loaders are built strong and feature heavy lift capacity with greater lift height and high quality components that enable you to tackle any kind of job with confidence. KIOTI KL130 loaders and larger are all equipped with a skidsteer compatible quick-attach mounting system that makes attaching a bucket smooth and effortless. Drive in, flip the locking mechanism and go to work. A built-in parking stand on the front-end loader providers quick and easy removal and installation.