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Grasshopper Advantage

grasshopper photoWe’ve spent 40 years perfecting the design of our Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ mowers to provide not only unparalleled performance, but a wide range of advantages that improve efficiency, banish operator fatigue and simplify maintenance.

With tough, durable construction, you can count on your Grasshopper to stand up to the punishment of demanding applications, while maintaining its reputation as the most comfortable and easy to operate mower in the industry.

Explore the advantages of owning a Grasshopper and you’ll see why our True ZeroTurn™ FrontMount™ and MidMount™ mowers remain the machine of choice among smart professionals and consumers.


FrontMount Series

grasshopper front mountGrasshopper FrontMount™ models feature a three or four-wheeled power unit with the cutting deck mounted forward of both the engine and operator’s seat. The unit usually has single or dual tail wheels located at the rear of the unit, behind the engine.

FrontMount™ mowers complete complex mowing jobs faster. Low-profile outfront decks reach under shrubs and fences, reducing trimming, allowing you to save time on high-acreage jobs with speeds up to 11 mph. A complete line of professional-quality, year-round implements provides all-season versatility.

FrontMount Implements

PowerVac™ Collection Systems

Large capacity PowerVac™ collection systems deliver a clean sweep and give a clog-free performance even in adverse conditions. Models include:

Model 8 & 8F Collector
Model 12 Collector
Model 15 Large Capacity Collector
Model 16FM Collector Model 25/Maximum Capacity Remote Vac™

Snow Removal Implements

QuikConverter™ mounting system lets you apply Grasshopper's True ZeroTurn™ capability to snow removal. You can remove the mowing deck and install implements in minutes without tools. Implements include:

Dozer Blade
Rotary Broom

Turf Renovation Implements

Remove the mowing deck and install implements in minutes without tools. A single power unit accepts multiple implements to save time and effort with True ZeroTurn™ manueverability. AERA-vator™ Dethatcher Edge-EZE™ Shielded Sprayer Turbine Blower

Comfort & Productivity

Grasshopper offers a variety of ergonomic & convenience features to enhance operator comfort and productivity, including:

Winter Enclosure with Heater
Sunshade Canopy (vinyl or diamond plate)
Wider Seats
Taller Levers
Adjustable Cupholder

implements table

Increase the versatility of your Grasshopper FrontMount™ mower with a wide range of PowerVac™ collection systems and a complete line of year-round snow removal and turf renovation implements.
Grasshopper’s QuikConverter™ Implement System allows you to connect a deck or implement to any FrontMount™ power unit with no metal-to-metal wear. This unique design eliminates the alignment hassles often associated with switching implements, letting you change deck sizes or add all-season implements in minutes without tools.


MidMount Series

grasshopper mid mountMidMount™ models feature a four-wheeled power unit with the cutting deck mounted under the operator’s seat and forward of the engine. The operator rides above the cutting deck.

Grasshopper MidMount™ mowers offer superior performance and maximum straightaway speeds up to 11 mph, making them ideal for high-capacity mowing. A selection of PowerVac™ collection systems and implements adds increased productivity.

Midmount Implements

Extend the usefulness of your Grasshopper MidMount™ mower with a selection of quality, heavy-duty implements designed to help you get more done without the maintenance and storage hassles of multiple single-purpose machines.

Shielded Sprayer

Single-chamber 53-inch (134.6 cm) spray shield is aerodynamically designed with fully shielded curtains. Innovative design contains chemical spray within the spraying chamber for on-target application. Four-nozzle spraying chamber provides uniform coverage, applying small droplets which “stick” to vegetation because they dry faster. Provides more coverage per tank using less chemicals.


Edge-EZE™ maintains a clean, sharp edge along sidewalks, roadways and driveways, eliminating time-consuming hand edging and reducing edging time up to 75%. With a 2-1/2" (6.35 cm) depth of cut (from hub to edge of disc), Edge-EZE™ is perfect for maintaining established edges at up to 600 ft./min (183 M/min). 12-inch (30.48 cm) vertical adjustment lets you edge from the sidewalk, turf or curb, depending on your needs. Dependable, heavy-duty construction makes Edge-EZE™ ideal for commercial use. A lever raises the blade for easy transport. An optional electric actuator provides additional down pressure for overgrown or tough conditions, and raises the blade 4 inches (10.16 cm) at the touch of a switch to cross sidewalks.


Tine-rake dethatcher (not shown) features spring steel tines that are angled forward to increase tension as the rake advances. Unified raking motion removes large amounts of thatch and surface aerates the soil for better root development. Dethatcher lifts for transport and can be raised from the operator’s seat.

Sunshade Canopy

Heavy-duty vinyl or diamond-plate aluminum sunshade canopy mounts on ROPS to protect operator from the sun while providing plenty of headroom. The sunshade canopy limits exposure to direct sunlight and heat, reducing eye strain and increasing operator comfort.

midmount implements